How to get your home or business scanned by Microsoft for malware

In a new post, Microsoft’s senior vice president for software and services, Kevin Turner, outlined how Microsoft is trying to “better understand and manage threats and security vulnerabilities,” and he announced plans to “continue our work to better protect our cloud-based solutions.”

Microsoft has recently announced it is deploying “a comprehensive security platform to manage cloud-enabled applications.”

As a result of this effort, Microsoft will be adding a new feature called “security awareness” to its existing security monitoring dashboard.

“Microsoft is actively working to better understand and improve the security posture of our cloud services, and we are expanding our capabilities to better monitor cloud-hosted applications, which we know are the primary source of security vulnerabilities and threats,” Turner said in the post.

“To ensure our cloud service users are fully protected from threats, we will continue to monitor their environments and help them understand how to protect themselves against them.

We will also provide additional tools to help them better protect their data from threats.”

While Microsoft is working to improve security of cloud services on its own, it also plans to work with its customers to implement a “whitelisting” approach to secure applications.

“While Microsoft doesn’t have the infrastructure to deploy a ‘whitelist’ approach to cloud services like AWS or Azure, we are committed to expanding our existing cloud- and enterprise-grade security features to support our customers’ needs,” Turner added.

“We will continue working with our cloud partners to enable their customers to easily enable whitelisting in their applications.”

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