Nemo Solutions for Windows 8

Share Onenck IT Solutions is an award-winning cloud-based, secure and reliable solutions provider that provides IT solutions for enterprise applications, small and medium businesses, and individuals.

Nemo Solutions’ mission is to create an environment where businesses and individuals can achieve more success by harnessing technology’s power to empower them and their organizations.

The team at Nemo’s headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is dedicated to offering an industry-leading and secure cloud-hosted IT solution for Windows, Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The company also offers a wide variety of cloud-enabled solutions, including Microsoft Office 365 for Windows (up to 20GB storage for Windows Server 2012), Office 365 Enterprise (up from 8GB to 32GB), and Office 365 Professional (up 1GB to 8GB).

Nemo’s solution provides an enterprise-level solution with a number of capabilities, including:1.

Microsoft Azure Web Apps – The NEMO cloud-managed solution is the leading Azure Web App solution with Microsoft’s latest web technologies including AngularJS, HTML5, and JavaScript.

The Microsoft Azure web-based solution is a fully featured solution for all business customers who want to scale their Microsoft Office applications.


Microsoft Cloud Services – The Microsoft Cloud services solution is ideal for companies who require access to Microsoft’s cloud computing infrastructure.

It provides a fully managed solution that is designed to work with Microsoft Office and Dynamics 365 Office 365 solutions, and with Office 365 Home Premium and Office Suite.


Microsoft Web Apps with HTML5 – The latest version of the NEMOMO Web Apps solution is designed for users of all web browsers, including modern desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.


Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Microsoft Dynamics offers a flexible CRM solution for businesses that need a flexible and scalable CRM platform for enterprise and home-use applications.5.

Microsoft Office Web Apps for Windows – Microsoft Office for Windows offers a unified and easy-to-use solution for business users and IT admins.6.

Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Services Suite – Microsoft’s new, unified, and easy to use cloud solution for customers who need the full suite of Microsoft Dynamics services.7.

Microsoft Exchange for Windows and Office for iOS – Microsoft Exchange offers a powerful, scalable, and secure Exchange application platform that is perfect for businesses who need an integrated, integrated, and highly scalable solution.8.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business – Microsoft One Drive for Business is a unified, enterprise-class application platform with the ability to store, manage, and share files, documents, images, and videos.

It is available in a range of sizes and editions to fit your needs and needs of the people you work with.9.

Microsoft Lync – Lync is a cloud-powered solution that provides an easy to understand and secure access to data across the enterprise.10.

Microsoft Outlook for Windows 10 – Outlook for the Windows operating system is designed with enterprise-focused users in mind.

The Outlook for Microsoft Windows 10 suite of solutions includes Lync, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Office.11.

Microsoft SQL Server – The leading, enterprise version of Microsoft SQL Database, the Microsoft SQL database delivers the best and fastest performance and security for business and enterprise users.12.

Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Teams provides a cloud platform that allows teams to build and share apps, presentations, and shared files across devices.13.

Microsoft SharePoint Online – SharePoint is a popular and scalable platform for managing and sharing data across a variety of devices.14.

Microsoft SkyDrive – SkyDrive is an online file storage service that is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Web browsers.15.

Microsoft SmartGlass – Microsoft Smartglass is a powerful cloud-connected display and remote control solution that can be used to deliver your business-to–consumer entertainment, business communications, and other business applications to consumers through a single interface.16.

Microsoft Visual Studio Online – Microsoft Visual studio is a free development and testing environment that is a part of the Microsoft Visual C++ Suite.17.

Microsoft Access – Microsoft Access is a robust, easy- to-use application platform for Windows developers, and is available for Microsoft Office 2007 and Excel 2007, as well as Microsoft Sharepoint Online 2007, Microsoft Visual Basic 2005, Microsoft SQL 2007, and Visual Studio 2005.18.

Microsoft Silverlight – Silverlight is a modern open-source HTML5 based front-end framework that is integrated into the Microsoft Office suite.19.

Microsoft Word – Microsoft Word is a leading productivity application suite that is built on the Microsoft Word 2007 platform.20.

Microsoft Excel – Microsoft Excel is an open- source productivity and file management system that provides flexible and customizable solutions for businesses, educators, and students.21.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 – Windows Server offers a number “upgrades” to meet the growing needs of business and personal customers.22.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Microsoft Surface is the latest version with all the capabilities

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