How to get an iPad 4 that looks like a laptop and is really an iPad 2-size tablet…

An iPad 4 laptop that looks and feels like an iPad is about to arrive.

According to a new report by TechRadar, Apple will be unveiling its first tablet on Thursday at a press event in Cupertino, California.

Apple is expected to unveil a new version of its iPad lineup this fall, the first iPad to feature a stylus and a new touch-enabled interface.

The company is expected in a press conference at 9:30 a.m.

PT on Thursday to unveil the iPad 4 Pro, which will come in three different sizes: iPad Pro 11.9 inches, 12.9 inch, and 13.9-inch.

Unlike the original iPad Pro, the new iPad 4 will not have a built-in stylus.

Instead, Apple is going to use a proprietary “iPad Touch Bar” to deliver styluses that are made of a flexible material called “iPod Glass.”

The new iPad Pro is expected the same thickness as the iPad 2, and it is expected that the tablet will be able to take up to three-inch screens on a diagonal and one-inch on a side.

While the iPad Pro will be Apple’s first tablet to use the new “iPencil” technology, it will be the first Apple tablet to offer an Apple Pencil Pro.

At launch, the iPad’s new Pencil will not only be a stylable stylus, but it will also come with an integrated, full-featured keyboard, too.

That’s right.

The iPad will be coming with a new keyboard.

If you’re new to Pencils, here’s the official explanation: Apple has added a new feature to the iPad Pencil, called Pencil Assist.

Using the Pencil and the iPad touch screen, users can tap on a Pencil icon to activate Pencil-like gestures that will activate other features, such as gestures for handwriting recognition, to add text to a document, draw an image on a document or even send an email.

Pencil Assist will be available in the iOS 8 and 10 operating systems starting today.

So what does Apple have in store for the Penciller?

Apple will reportedly be adding more Pencil functionality to the new iPads, including handwriting recognition.

Apple’s Pencil can also be used as a digital inkjet pen.

In addition, Apple has said that Pencil Support will be a “key component” to the tablet’s performance.

Apple has also added a few new features to the Penbook app for the iPad, such an enhanced “bookmarks” feature that allows users to easily mark documents, videos, and images that are stored on the device, and an improved, easier-to-use editing tool called “Editor.”

The new tablet will reportedly include a new Pen Interface called the “Pencil Interface,” which is expected for launch in the Fall.

It will feature a touch interface, a new “pen-size” Pen, a redesigned interface for writing notes, and a stylized keyboard for the user to write.

It’s not clear when Apple will launch the iPad on October 6th, but the company is already preparing for a new tablet with a touch-based interface and stylus that will likely feature a “pencil” on the outside.

With the release of the iPad 3, the company added styluses to the device to make it more appealing to those with smaller hands.

But Apple also added stylus support to the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 in the last year.

By removing the stylus from the iPad itself, the device is expected also to be able use a larger, “screen-sized” iPad.

An earlier version of this story stated that the iPad was set to be released this fall.

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