How to use Microsoft Connect to get the most out of your cloud with IT solutions

The NFL is no stranger to using Microsoft Azure, but it is now offering a suite of Azure-powered solutions for football teams.

The league’s technology team and partners have created a set of apps that help organizations and individuals with a wide range of IT needs.

“The NFL is a great example of how we can use Microsoft Azure to deliver an exciting range of solutions that can meet the needs of our teams,” said Mark Kowalski, senior vice president of enterprise solutions for Microsoft Azure.

“Our team is committed to delivering solutions that are simple, flexible, and easy to use for all our partners.

The NFL’s IT solutions are built on a foundation of technology that was developed for our teams, which makes them the perfect fit for the league.”

Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure and services provide teams with a powerful, unified cloud platform for everything from data centers to virtual machines and software, which enables them to get things done at scale.

Teams can also leverage Microsoft Azure in ways other organizations can’t, like using the NFL’s proprietary platform to build their own virtual machines, cloud applications, and applications for other platforms.

“We are excited to be adding these solutions to our Azure portfolio,” said Mike Hulbert, vice president and general manager of the NFL Network.

“These solutions help our teams take full advantage of the Microsoft Azure cloud to deliver high-performance applications for all their applications, not just our own.”

Microsoft announced in February that it would partner with the NFL to deliver solutions and cloud infrastructure to help support the NFL in its quest to become the first sports league to have its own video game league.

Microsoft will be able to offer more than 200 Microsoft Azure-based solutions, including a suite that provides video analytics and analytics-driven solutions for teams, including virtual environments, virtual machines running in the cloud, and other cloud-based services.

Microsoft’s solutions will be available to partners and to NFL employees.

The Microsoft Azure Solutions team includes the NFL, the NFL Video Operations Center, the Office 365 Business Intelligence Center, Microsoft Azure Management Center, and Microsoft Azure Team Services.

The company will also be launching the first ever NFL Virtual Machine with the team.

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