Highstreet IT solution provider ‘very excited’ to take over IT solutions provider ‘H2O’

Highstreet, one of Australia’s leading IT solutions providers, is looking to take on the IT industry.

The company’s CEO and founder, Mike Pohlen, said he was “very excited” to be taking over the role of managing the company’s IT business.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge and the challenge of creating the highest quality IT solutions for our customers,” Mr Pohlin said.

“In addition to the great opportunity in our new role, our existing team of highly skilled IT professionals will be key to our success.”

The H2O brand is synonymous with high-quality IT solutions and has been used by high-profile organisations including the ABC, Viacom and the AFL.

The new role is one of a number of changes that Highstreet is looking at to strengthen its brand, which Mr Pahlen said was already strong.

“We are now seeing a more robust presence on our website and more robust digital presence across our website, in our social media, in retail and in our retail apps,” he said.

Mr Pohren said the new role would allow the company to “expand into the consumer products space” as well as the high-end enterprise market.

The H1Z1 app has become a major hit in Australia and has helped customers connect with their bank, insurance, petrol station, bank, and other financial services companies.

“As we look ahead, we will continue to innovate and take advantage of emerging technologies and opportunities to drive value for our clients,” Mr Mihalovic said.

The Highstreet team will be joined by the former CEO of Cogent, Chris Stokes, who will lead the team.

Mr Stokes previously worked as head of communications and strategy for the Cogant business group, before joining Highstreet as its new head of customer engagement.

“Chris brings over 25 years of digital and mobile experience, including stints at Viacomo and The ABC, and over 20 years of experience in managing digital initiatives,” Mr Stokes said.

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