Blockchain and blockchain technology startup IT Solutions Company to Acquire Blockchains & Technology firm,Blockchain IT Solutions, said on Wednesday.

The Washington Post article Blockchain technology startup It Solutions is expanding its focus on technology solutions to the blockchain space, joining a growing list of companies seeking to make their products and services blockchain-ready.

The company, which specializes in IT solutions for banks, insurance companies, and other businesses, said it plans to acquire the business of blockchain technology company Blockstack, which offers a blockchain-based software platform for businesses.

Blockstack has raised $1.2 billion in funding.

Blockstack was founded in May by entrepreneur Ben Golub and a team of former executives of the company.

Golub, a former CEO of a major bank in Europe, has a background in technology and blockchain, and said he decided to expand into the blockchain field in 2017 because of the challenges he saw in the space.

“Blockstack provides a scalable solution to deliver blockchain-powered solutions to businesses and governments,” Golub said in a statement.

“Blockstack enables blockchain applications and processes, while enabling decentralized, decentralized trust.”

Blockstack offers an open source, open-source, secure and interoperable blockchain platform that enables the creation and storage of decentralized data that can be used for all types of applications, including financial transactions, as well as data that is publicly accessible.

“It is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which is a distributed network that can store and manage data on computers.

It is the first blockchain platform to be created by a non-profit, according to its website.

It is the second blockchain-enabled company to join the list of startups seeking to leverage the technology.

A few months ago, startup Mavro, which was spun off from the bitcoin startup Coinbase in January 2018, announced that it was acquiring a stake in Blockstack.

In January 2018 Coinbase said that it had raised $4.5 million from more than 120 investors.

Coinbase was founded by Coinbase co-founder Adam Draper, who joined the company in January 2017.

In March, it announced that the company was expanding its technology offerings to include blockchain technology.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Mavros acquisition would mean that it would “have access to some of the technology and experience of Blockstack.”

In June, the company said that the blockchain technology it was building would enable “a new era in the financial services industry.”

Blockchain technology company it is acquiring will offer its technology in the form of a platform that leverages the blockchain, but not in a way that would make it a part of a central database, Blockstack CEO Alex Morcos told the Wall Street Post in an interview.

Instead, it will be used in an open-ended way, with permission from its users.

Blockchain tech company it acquired will offer it to other companies that it believes are using it in a similar fashion.

BlockStack said that Blockstack’s platform will enable “an open-stack way of building and deploying applications” in a blockchain ecosystem, where applications can be built using “open standards,” which allow them to be run and updated by the entire network.”

This is a first.””

There are other companies working on this.

This is a first.”

Morcos declined to name the companies that the two companies will work with, but said that “we will do what we can to find the right partners.”

Blockstack and it will partner with the best blockchain companies in the world to develop a product, he added.

The move follows other blockchain startups in the sector that have raised money from investors.

Last month, blockchain startup EOS raised $100 million in a Series B round led by New York City-based private equity firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Earlier this month, tech startup R3 raised $20 million in funding led by former Facebook executive and founder of digital payments company Square.

Blockchains are an open system of data and protocols that allows people to communicate across the globe without requiring them to trust each other.

The idea is to allow anyone to publish data and share information across the Internet without trusting a central authority.

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