‘Pomeroy’: No solution to the NHL lockout

The NHL is working with Pomeroy to identify solutions to a lockout that has been plaguing the sport for more than a decade.

The company says the effort is focused on a “staggering number” of issues.

“The number of issues is a staggering one, and Pomeroys goal is to get to the bottom of what’s going on,” company president and chief executive officer Jeff Pomeros said in a statement.

The NHL has been locked out of games for more of the lockout.

The league says the lockout has cost it nearly $100 million.

The lockout began on Jan. 6, 2014.

It ended last week when the NHL Players’ Association agreed to a contract extension that expires at the end of this season.

The new deal calls for the players to agree to a new collective bargaining agreement.

Pomero says he believes a lockout would be resolved “in the coming months.”

The NHL said it has offered to negotiate a new deal and the players have rejected it.

“There is no negotiation,” PomeroS statement said.

“We continue to have faith in the collective bargaining process and we remain focused on addressing the key issues that are plaguing hockey in this country.”

The lockout has been a source of tension for NHL owners.

In the past, the league has tried to get the owners to negotiate better contracts, but the players say they want more money and better protection for players.

Pompo said the lockout is a “disaster for the game of hockey” and that the players will continue to fight for change.

“I’m confident that the NHL players will work with the commissioner to find a solution that is both fair and effective,” Pompoy said in the statement.

Pomoroy has been working on the problem since 2011, but there are signs the NHL is getting a handle on the issue.

“With a very significant number of players in the league, there are a number of organizations that are having difficulty reaching agreement,” Pomora said in March.

The players are asking for an immediate reduction in the salary cap to $70 million. “

If they don’t get a resolution, then we’ll be in a position to start the process of getting out of the position.”

The players are asking for an immediate reduction in the salary cap to $70 million.

Poms statement says the players are not asking for a salary cap increase because “the players are willing and willing to work toward a negotiated deal.”

But Pomeroes statement says that “if the players do not agree to that, we will continue our efforts to find solutions to the issues we have identified.”

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