Which brain-related apps can help you work smarter and more efficiently?

The brains of humans, machines and computers all have a lot in common, but it turns out there are some brain-specific apps for your phone and tablet.

Here are 11 of them.1.

Brain MachineBrainMachine, an app for brain scans, is a brain scan app.

That’s right, it’s brain scan-related, according to the app’s description.

“If you are interested in brain scan, this app will show you the brain scan results for each of your patients and the information they provide about them,” the app states.

BrainMachine Machine offers more than 50 brain scans to choose from and you can use the app to see your results, see the time taken for each scan, and track your progress in the scan.2.

Brain TrackerThe Brain Tracker app is for tracking your brain activity and tracking brain waves.

You can see the brain activity of a particular person and their EEG, or electroencephalography, which measures the electrical activity of the brain, and the brain waves of other people around you.

The app also lets you view your current heart rate and your blood pressure.

BrainTracker is also available as a free trial, which you can see how it works in this video.3.

BrainMapperBrainMapper is for finding the brain maps for a particular subject.

The BrainMapping app lets you explore a map of your brain and see what brain activity maps it shows.

You will find a list of brain activity, which maps can be found on a map, and how they change during the day and night.4.

BrainDiaryBrainDiary is for keeping a diary of your thoughts and emotions, as well as your mood and health.

The journal is available on Google Play and is available to read offline.5.

BrainSensorsBrainSensers is an app that uses brain waves to help you analyze your body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep patterns.

Brain Sensers uses brainwaves to show you how your body is changing, as it moves through different parts of your body.6.

BrainGogglesBrainGoggles lets you use a pair of earphones to listen to your brain waves as you play a game.

The earphones will alert you to your heartbeat and breathing rate, as the game progresses.7.

BrainWorxBrainWorX is for monitoring the health of your head.

It shows you your head’s health status and your brain wave activity and provides detailed information about your brain health, including sleep and mood.8.

BrainzooBrainzoo is an apps for measuring brain activity for your smartphone or tablet.

The apps can show you your brainwave activity, the number of times your brainwaves have gone through each phase, the length of time your brain has been active, and more.9.

BrainTuneBrainTune shows you how fast and deep your brain sounds, according the app.

You’ll also see how deep you’re listening to your phone’s audio signal, how fast you are in your brain, the amount of brainwaves your brain is recording, and when you can start hearing more of your sound.10.

BrainVortexBrainVortex is an application that lets you see how your brain’s motor cortex is changing during a task.

The brain scans can be used to measure changes in brain activity during different tasks and also the length and speed of the changes, according BrainVortices app description.11.

BrainScannerBrainScanner is a scan app that can show the time it takes for a scan to complete.

You get a chart of the time the scan takes to complete and it gives you the time and the date and time it completed.

The scan can also show how long it took the scan to go through.

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