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Microsoft to partner with Google to bring search and analytics tools to Windows 10

Microsoft is set to launch a new service for Windows 10, as it aims to improve the experience for Windows users.

The company has teamed up with Google for a new search and data platform, called Cortana, which will allow Windows users to search for, browse, and interact with Google’s services, according to a blog post.

Microsoft will also launch Cortana for Windows PCs, with the first version of the service to be released in October.

Cortana is built around Microsoft’s Bing search engine and Cortana Assistant, and will allow users to access Bing search, Cortana, and other Bing services using a virtual assistant or voice command.

It will also integrate with Microsoft’s other Cortana features, such as Cortana Reading, Cortana Music, and Cortana Weather.

Users can search for popular searches by keyword or phrase, and can create a personalized search query to help them find the answer.

Cortana will also offer suggestions and suggestions for apps and services.

Microsoft also announced it will partner with local search service Yandex.NET to provide Bing-powered local search and local search suggestions for Windows 8.1 users.

Cortana is also the first Bing search product to be built for Windows phones, and Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft has also launched Cortana for Mac, with Bing integration on the Mac and iOS platforms.

The Bing Search product will be available on Windows 10 as well.

Microsoft will also be adding Cortana to Windows Mobile apps on the Xbox App Store.

Microsoft’s Bing service will allow people to find answers from Microsoft’s search engine by typing keywords, phrases, and search terms.

The service will also search for the answers in the same way that Google searches for results, but the search results will include Bing content, such a news article or article, video, or other Microsoft product.

For example, people searching for “Microsofts Bing Search” will see Bing results for “How to fix your Windows 10 problem,” and “How do I update my Windows 10?”

Bing Search will also show results for Microsoft products, such the Windows Defender, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Lync.

Microsoft has also been experimenting with Bing search on its Xbox Live gaming service.

Windows 10 is set for its third major upgrade since its release in May, with Windows 10 Creators Update bringing new features and improvements to the operating system.

The upgrade will be rolled out to Windows Insiders starting in late November, and users can update their existing Windows 10 installations by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.

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