Why Apple could get in the IT game with its Siri app

The app is called Siri and is a search engine powered by Apple’s artificial intelligence.

You search for information by typing in a phrase and then tap on the Siri icon to bring up the app.

The app can then show you relevant information for a given topic, and you can even type a query to find the information you’re looking for.

Siri is currently available in the United States and Canada, but the app is currently in beta and only available for iPhone users.

But the app has already been downloaded over a million times, and users are already talking about the app as the next big thing in the tech world.

The latest data suggests Siri is a big hit among Apple users, according to a recent survey from comScore.

The survey asked users whether they would use Siri on their phone, tablet or desktop, and only 7 percent of users said yes.

Another 17 percent said they would only use Siri when they needed help.

A whopping 87 percent of respondents said they’d use Siri if the service was free.

The numbers are impressive, and they’re only the tip of the iceberg.

The research shows that Siri is getting more popular with users, and that it’s gaining more traction with people.

It also shows that Apple is already a force in the world of computing, even though the company still doesn’t have a desktop or smartphone app for the popular device.

Apple has long had its eye on the smart home.

Apple first made its mark on the smartphone market with the iPod, and the company’s first foray into the home was the iPhone.

But its devices weren’t really the same as the likes of the iPod.

The first iPhones were actually a lot more complicated than the iPod in terms of features, but they were still great products that had users wanting to use them.

But Apple didn’t have any great home entertainment products until the iPod 2.

Apple didn’ t take the same approach with Siri, which was introduced in 2010.

It had an interface similar to that of the iPhone and was initially only available to iPhone users, but Apple made it much more versatile.

The company’s new iPhone is a massive improvement on the iPod that has become an iconic brand for Apple, and it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular with its users.

Apple already has Siri on its iPhone, iPad and Mac computers, but it hasn’t been available on the company’ s desktop platforms.

The Siri app has more than 600 million downloads, and Siri is the most popular voice-activated service in the app store.

But if you’re a Mac user, you might not be familiar with the Siri app.

Apple’s Mac software uses the Siri API, which allows the company to create a Siri-like interface for Mac users.

It can be used on Macs and Windows PCs as well, but there’s not a native Siri app for either platform.

The iOS app was designed to make it easy for people to use Siri without having to learn the Apple interface.

Siri’ s interface on the iPhone is different from the interface on Apple’s computers, and even the Mac OS X version of the app was built using the Siri interface.

And since Siri is powered by the same artificial intelligence that powers the iPhone, Apple is using Siri to power the Siri iOS app.

Siri isn’t just for the iPhone users who have iPhones.

Apple also launched an iPhone app in 2014 called Siri Mobile.

Siri Mobile was available only on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone SE, but iOS users could also get Siri for Android phones, Macs, Windows PCs and iPads.

It didn’t take long for Siri to catch on among Apple’s users, as Apple users have been using Siri for a long time.

But with the iOS 8.4 update, Apple finally made it available to all Mac users, even if they didn’t own a Mac.

The update was available for iOS 8 users for about two weeks, and there are still a few things to do before Siri is finally available for everyone.

But at least for now, Siri is one of the top-rated features in the Apple ecosystem.

If you haven’t had Siri for some time, you should check it out.

If Siri isn’ t for you, check out this article on how to turn off Siri in your Mac.

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