Israeli company builds robots for manufacturing

Israel’s Techno Robotics has developed robots for its own needs, building them from scratch in a small factory in the south of the country.

The company, which is one of several Israeli companies competing for the Israeli Government’s investment in robots, said it was targeting small manufacturing enterprises, such as retailers, restaurants and hotels.

Israel has also been investing heavily in robotics research and development, with its robotics agency the Techno Defense Research Institute (TDI) setting up the country’s first robotics research centre in the country, and creating the countrys first robot factory.

The country has been a pioneer in the field of robotics, with the country having built several robotic systems for military and security purposes.

The Techno robotics project aims to be Israel’s leading robotics company in the coming years, with two of its projects in the works.

The new project is a two-storey robot factory with a capacity of 30,000sq meters (16,000 square feet), built on the land of a former industrial zone, located in the north of the Palestinian territories, where the Technos robots are being manufactured.

The site was recently acquired by Israel Aerospace Industries, and it has been named as the first robot facility in the Middle East for robotics research.

“The Techno robots were developed as an entry point for our research,” said Techno CEO Shai Shapira.

“We have an opportunity to expand into a completely new market for robotics.”

The robots are designed for security, security surveillance, and industrial production, according to the company.

“Our mission is to develop technologies that will allow the creation of safe, secure and automated systems for human workers, and automate repetitive tasks,” Shapira added.

“These robots are the future of the industrial automation sector in Israel.”

The new robots were designed by Techno’s engineering and industrial design department.

It will also use some of the technology developed for the previous robots, such a digital and magnetic sensor.

The robots have a range of functions and sensors, including a digital camera that can identify objects in the room.

The camera is a remote-controlled robot that has a range up to 500 metres (yards) and a camera system that can detect objects up to 50 metres away.

The cameras can track and detect objects at different distances.

“When the cameras are not used, they are switched off and we can control the robots remotely,” Shapiro said.

The robotic robot can be equipped with the latest technology, including an ultrasonic sensor that can pick up and record a target’s movement.

The technology has been developed to detect objects as small as one millimetre (0.2 inches) in size.

The sensors are also equipped with a laser rangefinder, which can be used to locate the position of an object in the air.

A robot can also be used for a number of other functions, such the identification of a person or a group of people.

Techno also provides robots for military security, military surveillance and industrial surveillance.

“It will be very difficult for us to create robots in the future that are able to perform complex tasks in a safe and secure way,” Shapir said.

Technos’ robots are built by Technos Robotics, an Israeli-based firm, and have been in production since 2009.

It employs over 120 people in Israel, with most of them located in Tel Aviv.

Israel’s Defense Ministry plans to invest an additional $500 million into robotics research in the near future, and in 2018, the country will be a leader in robotic research, with Technos set to be the first robotics company to get a patent on the technology.

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