What’s new in IT asset managers, 2016

By Simon Hunter Google News / January 17, 2017 / 6:14:03By Simon HunterA new category of asset management, IT asset-management solutions, has emerged as the best-kept secret in the financial services industry.

The term was coined by industry group Techstars, whose members include some of the world’s top IT asset owners, such as Fidelity and Microsoft.

The group describes the sector as “the new, digital frontier of asset ownership” as asset managers take a growing share of the investment pie and are responsible for the vast majority of all the assets on the planet.

“This is a huge shift for the asset managers and I’m thrilled about it,” said Techstars’ head of investment strategy, Matt Fincher.

“The number one challenge we face in asset management is not only finding the right people but the right asset to meet that challenge.”

It’s a massive change and we’re seeing a lot of excitement around this.

“Techstars has created an investment management platform, the Asset Management Group, which aims to bring together the best in asset-maintaining companies.

It has a team of more than 400 staff that work across a range of assets, including mutual funds, pension funds, ETFs and mutual funds.

Its aim is to give investors a range to choose from, with each company offering an investment portfolio that can be tailored to suit their individual needs.

Techstars chief executive Tim Rennie said the platform would help asset managers to find the right investment vehicles to meet their specific needs.”

Asset managers have to decide where they want to put their money, what their investment objectives are, how much risk they want, and how much liquidity they want,” he said.”

So we’re building this new, smart asset management platform to help asset management professionals make the right choice and be able to manage assets more effectively.

“For more on investing, visit

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