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When technology companies try to get ahead of their customers, they often need to embrace a new way of thinking

Startups that want to get better at customer service need to learn how to make their technology better, according to a new book.

The book, New Directions in Customer Service, comes out Tuesday from HarperCollins, and it tells the story of how technology companies changed how they worked with customers over the past five years.

New Horizons in Customer Care is a must-read for anyone trying to find a way to improve service, said Matt Hickey, author of the book.

It’s not just about getting better at what your customers want, but also the way you interact with them.

In order to get more people to spend more money, you need to make them feel more comfortable with your products and services, Hickey said.

“New Directions focuses on how to be more responsive and customer-focused, instead of focusing on how you can make them happier and more engaged,” he said.

“It’s about embracing a new approach to customer service that’s going to make you a more successful company in the future.”

New Horizons is a detailed guide to how companies are changing how they work with customers.

In a recent post on Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote:”Today we know that we’re in a place where technology has a much greater impact on the way we experience the world than ever before.

That’s not a coincidence.

In the last 20 years, our products have become much more sophisticated, personalized and relevant.

It’s not only that our products are getting better, but that we are learning how to work with people better.

That can only happen when people are more confident in the products they buy.

So we’re not going to stop innovating until we’re better.”

We’re now at a moment where the Internet of Things is taking over our lives, and I can’t think of a better time to invest in an industry that can make us more confident and better connected, Zuckerberg wrote.

But even if you’re already invested in an Internet of things company, New Horizons provides advice on how companies can be more proactive in building their tech teams, and how they can leverage the cloud to deliver better customer service.

The book also provides advice for startups that want more ways to innovate.

“This book is not just an academic piece,” Hickey wrote.

“The lessons in this book will help every startup get better.”

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