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What does it mean to have the best brains on the planet?

The brain is a vital organ of the body, responsible for processing information and controlling the body’s emotions and behaviour.

However, research shows that most of the world’s population do not have enough neurons in their brains to perform all their cognitive functions.

The International Federation of Brain Centers (IFBC), an organisation that advocates for the development of brain-imaging technologies, has compiled a list of some of the most influential minds on the world, and they are:The IFBC’s list includes a number of Nobel Laureates and other high-profile scientists, including:The list is ranked based on a series of criteria.

First, the list includes the most senior scientists, such as Nobel laureates, who are active in developing brain-computer interfaces and brain-machine interfaces, and who have contributed to the development and acceptance of these technologies.

Second, it is compiled by the IFBC, which is the international organization responsible for brain-related research.

Third, it includes prominent individuals in fields such as neuroscience, neuroscience education and neuroscience, and it lists influential leaders, such in terms of public and private sector funding, in the field.

Fourth, it gives a ranking based on how influential a particular individual is on the field of brain research.

Fifth, it provides a ranking of scientists in terms to the global importance of their fields.

The IFBAC lists include some very high-level scientists, with such people as:Professor Peter Higgs, the Nobel Laureate who discovered the Higgs boson in a paper in 2009.

Professor Stephen Hawking, the former head of the UK’s National Institute for Physics and Astronomy.

Professor Daniel Levinson, a Nobel laureate who discovered that the human brain has the capacity to process and interpret complex information.

Professor Neil DeGrasse Tyson, the astrophysicist who discovered gravitational waves.

Professor Stephen Hawking and Professor Daniel Levisonis considered to be one of the best minds on how to design a future artificial intelligence.

Professor David Chalmers, the theoretical physicist who discovered how to use quantum computing.

Professor James Watson, the British scientist who invented the DNA molecule and gave us our first test tube babies.

Professor Martin Rees, the pioneer of quantum mechanics, and the founder of the University of Edinburgh, who discovered an algorithm that can detect the presence of a virus in a person’s body.

Professor Steven Pinker, the American psychologist who is best known for his popular book The Blank Slate, and for his controversial theory of cultural evolution.

Professor Richard Dawkins, the renowned biologist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2008 for his work on evolutionary psychology.

Professor Michael Greger, the physicist who coined the term “deep learning” to describe how computers learn to understand natural language and human speech.

Professor Francis Collins, the eminent British biologist who discovered a new species of sea urchin and named it the “sea turtle”.

Professor Peter Norvig, the Norwegian physicist who made important discoveries about the structure of the human genome.

Professor Peter Morpurgo, the Australian computer scientist who discovered information that is stored in our DNA.

Professor Brian Greene, the Harvard computer scientist, who made the breakthrough that led to the discovery of DNA in 2010.

Professor Ian Hacking, the UK computer scientist and the inventor of the computer programming language C++.

Professor Alan Turing, the English mathematician who invented and codified the first computer program and who was born in London.

Professor Steve Jobs, the Apple founder and CEO.

Professor John C. Calhoun, the mathematician and physicist who invented quantum computing and developed the computer.

Professor Geoffrey Miller, the astronomer and mathematician who discovered and named the universe.

Professor Thomas Huxley, the Scottish mathematician and astronomer who discovered “the Higgs field”.

Professor Stephen Wolfram, the computer scientist at Oxford University.

Professor Andrew Wiles, the professor of mathematics and physics at the University in Washington, DC, who was the first to publish the first mathematical proof of a set of axioms for the existence of God.

Professor Robert Merton, the psychologist and professor of psychiatry at the National Institutes of Health.

Professor Frank Gehry, the architect and designer of the New York skyscraper Empire State Building.

Professor Hans Büchler, the German scientist who developed the first artificial intelligence, known as Deep Blue.

Professor Ray Kurzweil, the futurist and the CEO of Google, who predicted that the world would become smarter than it is today by 2050.

Professor Carl Sagan, the famed astrophysicist who discovered alien life on Mars.

Professor Neil Degrasse Tyson and Dr Daniel Levit, the pioneers of neuroscience.

Professor Nick Bostrom, the co-founder of the internet giant Facebook.

Professor J. Craig Venter, the inventor and CEO of the company DNAnexus, who pioneered the use of nanoparticles to make the first human genome sequence.

Professor Sir James Watson and Professor Stephen Fry, the scientists who discovered DNA.

Dr Stephen Hawking’s father, Sir George and Sir Arthur, the founders of the

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