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IT solutions company calls on government to pay for IT solutions

IT solutions firm IT Solutions Group has called on the Government of India to pay “bill for bill” for IT solution deployment across the country.

In a statement, the firm said the IT solutions market is a market worth Rs.10,000 crore and its expected to grow at an annual rate of 25 per cent by 2020.

The IT solutions industry has a total revenue of about Rs.11,000 crores.

However, IT solutions are not only the backbone of the country’s IT infrastructure.

They also have a role to play in economic growth.

In the year to end-March, India had about 7.7 lakh IT solutions projects in the market.

“The Government is the best in the world when it comes to IT solutions and is a world leader when it come to building IT solutions.

However there are some areas where we need to pay a little more and some that we should be more efficient in paying for,” IT Solutions President-elect Ramesh Kumar said in a statement.

The firm said a bill for bill of Rs.2,000 per IT solution is appropriate in the IT space.

“A bill for Bill of Rs 2,000 for IT services and Rs 5,000 on IT solutions would be a big relief for the entire IT sector,” Kumar said.

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