IBM’s Watson to replace Google as global leader in AI tech

IBM’s IBM Watson is set to replace one of the world’s largest technology companies as the global leader of AI technology, the company said Wednesday.

The announcement comes after IBM announced in April that it would be merging Watson with the company’s own AI unit, called the Watson Research Institute.

In a statement, IBM said it is now “partnering with IBM Watson, Inc. to build a new AI platform, known as Watson for Business, that will help the company to deliver a new type of intelligence that will enable it to help businesses with a range of new, complex challenges.”

“Watson for Business will combine Watson’s ability to understand human language with IBM’s rich data and data processing capabilities,” the statement read.

“It will be the first AI platform for business.”

Watson is an AI system that can understand a variety of language and context-aware questions, but its main function is to be a tool for understanding the way humans talk, say, in the context of a conversation with a stranger.

The system has also proven its ability to do more than just understand language and make predictions.

The news comes as IBM is ramping up its effort to become a leader in its own AI, building on the technology developed for the Watson AI that has become so well-known in the tech world.

IBM’s chief research officer, Stephen Beresford, said last year that Watson would be used to power the search engine, search results, and social networks.

“There is no question that Watson will play a pivotal role in our search, social and personal lives,” Beresfords company said in a statement.

“But we want to make sure that Watson is the one that’s most relevant to businesses and businesses can use it in the most effective way.”

In a similar vein, in October, IBM unveiled its first AI software that it said would replace Google’s search engine.

The software, called “Deep Blue,” is designed to analyze and answer human-authored questions and will replace Google search in 2018.

IBM has said the software will help businesses use artificial intelligence for tasks that have traditionally required humans to make guesses.

It is the latest in a string of acquisitions by IBM, which in 2015 also acquired the startup that builds Watson, Deepmind.

The acquisition in January also saw IBM announce that it was acquiring the AI company’s intellectual property.

IBM will continue to sell its Watson AI technology and will continue the integration of the company with DeepMind, the chief executive of DeepMind told the Wall Street Journal last month.IBM’s Watson for business will be used in areas such as healthcare, social media, gaming, retail, and more.

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