Yochana is coming to Microsoft’s Azure and Microsoft Cloud Platforms in 2019, CEO says

Yochanna is the latest in a line of Microsoft’s cloud vendors to enter the enterprise IT space.

The company today announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Microsoft to bring its Yochan software to Azure and to work with the company on its Azure-based enterprise IT solutions.

Yochanda is based in Tokyo and the company’s product line includes enterprise-class enterprise-level security, business intelligence, and business intelligence-enabled business intelligence solutions for large enterprises.

Yosha Yoshida, Yochanta’s chief operating officer, said that the company aims to make its cloud solutions as secure as possible.

“Yochana believes that every customer has the right to trust us to provide their business with the highest level of protection, and we will deliver this level of trust to our customers with our enterprise-grade security solutions,” Yoshida said.

Yichana will also bring its own suite of tools and services to Azure, which will be able to support the company to support its cloud customers and customers in other Microsoft cloud products.

Yachiyama Tsuneo, head of business intelligence at Yochanya, said the company hopes to bring Yochna to Azure through Azure Enterprise Service.

The Yochnain software provides the foundation for Azure-integrated security and privacy for Yochandas enterprises, as well as for Azure and Windows Server.

Yechana is also partnering with Microsoft Azure to bring some of its cloud-based solutions to Azure.

“We are excited to partner with Microsoft and support the enterprise through Azure,” Yachiya said.

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