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Micronet, IBM, and Microserve launch new IoT devices in 2019

A consortium of technology companies and organizations announced Tuesday that they have launched new products and services that aim to provide consumers with the information and services they need to better manage their digital lives. 

The companies will use their combined expertise and resources to help consumers make smart choices in how they use digital technologies, said Brian O’Neill, the executive vice president of Micronets digital and data solutions business. 

“We believe that the IoT is the new frontier for a more efficient, secure, and affordable world.

And it will have a profound impact on the way people live, work, play, and play,” he said in a statement. 

According to a press release from the consortium, the Micronemotors IoT solution will allow consumers to: 1.

Identify and control their devices, such as thermostats, security cameras, printers, and TVs 2.

Configure devices with customizable settings, like brightness, contrast, and volume 3.

Access devices from anywhere, with the help of their smart phones, tablets, or laptops. 

With more than 40 million smart devices in use around the world, the IoT is expected to be the most significant new technology for the entire economy by 2020, according to a 2015 report by the McKinsey Global Institute. 

It will be important for the companies to understand what people will want and need to do in order to make sure the devices they develop and support are truly smart and secure, O’Neil said. 

Micronet will offer IoT services for the home, including cloud-based, mobile-enabled monitoring and alerting for appliances, and smart home automation, according the press release. 

IBM will offer cloud-enabled, connected home control, home automation services and smart thermostat control. 

Microserve, a software company, will provide smart home control and automation tools and services. 

Cordova, a data and analytics firm, will offer data analytics, smart home security, and mobile app-based IoT management. 

Vivarium, a digital marketing firm, plans to develop a mobile app for consumers to manage their devices. 

All of these companies will be offering IoT products for a limited time.

The announcement follows a joint collaboration between Micronett, Microserves and IBM to launch IoT products in 2019, which was announced in January. 

O’Neill said that Microneter, which focuses on cloud-scale computing, is partnering with IBM to provide IoT software for the Micronelectric platform, which is the platform used in the Micronics devices.

Microneter said that the partnership with IBM allows it to deliver the same cloud-computing platform as the Micronic platform for the next several years, and the collaboration will allow them to continue to innovate and improve the products Micronete sells to consumers. 

 Odell said that he expects the collaboration to produce a series of products and software that are designed to allow consumers “to do a better job of managing their digital devices, with improved security and convenience.” 

Oddly, Odoell did not identify which companies will offer these products. 

While these announcements were made at the company’s annual shareholders meeting on Tuesday, O Doell did mention that some of the IoT products will be available to customers in the coming months.

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