Why is there no way to get the newbie to buy?

Biz IT Solutions is launching its new mobile app in the UK to try to bridge the gap between those who have previously bought a laptop and those who want to buy a new one.

The new app, called Biz Business, aims to help the brand and its customers find the right software solution for them.

In fact, the app is intended to be a portal to find a product or service from the Biz store.

The idea is that if you can find a solution to your problems on the B-store, you can then look at the online store and try to find one on the app. 

Biz Business will also have a section on how to get started on the new Biz app.

It’s hoped that this will help people who are new to buying a laptop, or who don’t have a lot of money.

Biz’s vice president of global business development, Matthew Gollan, said: “Biz is always trying to get more people to the B.E.O. with the Bistro, and the new app will give people the confidence to start looking for products online.

We want Biz to grow our B.e.O., so this is a great way for us to get people started.”

The new Bistros app is just a tool to help Biz customers find and shop online.

“It’s a smart move to make the Bista and Bistra apps available on smartphones as soon as possible.

As mobile users increasingly get older and become more tech savvy, there’s an increasing demand for software solutions that make it easier for them to get around.

The launch of Biz business is a sign of the growing interest in the new technology. 

This article originally appeared on Hacker News

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