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I’ll Never Use Google Again

A year after Google’s acquisition of the company that runs Search, the search giant has turned its attention to its own cloud, according to a report.

The New York Times reported that the search and technology giant is now working on a new version of its cloud, dubbed Google Cloud Platform (GCP).GCP, the report said, will offer a cloud that’s better at managing data, and will be faster than the current Google cloud.GCP is being developed as part of a $100 billion investment by Google.

The investment comes as Google grapples with growing competition from Amazon and Microsoft, as well as the emergence of alternative cloud services.

The Times report said Google is now looking at cloud solutions for its search business, and that Google’s search business is one of the companies most likely to benefit from the GCP project.

Growth in cloud computing has been slowing for years, but as companies invest more in cloud infrastructure, they have been increasingly turning to cloud computing for their own applications.

Google’s move to invest in cloud services could help the search company to continue to grow its business.

Google, like many other tech companies, is using its cloud to host a number of services that are important to the company.

These include search, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Photos, YouTube, YouTube Music, and its own YouTube app.

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